Mark A. Waldo, MSFS, CSCSA
Owner / Principal
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Mark Waldo owns and operates FORENSICS 360, an independent forensic consulting company in forensic analysis, crime scene investigation & reconstruction. He specializes in scientific crime scene and shooting reconstruction....

Since our inception, FORENSICS 360 has been focused on providing accurate forensic analysis, professional case review, and quality "hands-on" forensic training.

FORENSICS 360 is an independent forensic consulting company offering; forensic analysis of evidence, case review, crime scene & shooting incident reconstruction services. As well as, expert testimony and professional & quality "hands-on" instruction various forensic disciplines. Owner and Principal Mark Waldo, has over 26 years of experience in forensics and crime scene investigation, processing hundreds of homicides and thousands of crime scenes. He is court qualified as an expert in the areas of crime scene investigation, evidence collection and processing, forensic analysis, latent print processing and shooting incident reconstruction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accurate forensic analysis and case review of crime scene evidence and identify additional potential avenues of forensic investigation, which may not have been considered. Also, to provide the most current and precise quality "hands-on" instruction in forensic analysis, crime scene investigation, documentation, processing, evidence collection, and shooting incident reconstruction.


Our vision is to provide the most professional forensic case evaluation and expert testimony with professionalism and integrity while being impartial and without prejudice. We strive to help prosecute the quilty and/or exonerate the innocent by seeking the truth to find justice.

What We Do

FORENSICS 360 offers case review, forensic analysis, crime scene reconstruction, and forensic training. Cases are reviewed through discovery documentation, police and laboratory services reports and interviews with the investigator.  Case consultation can be an invaluable service in identifying potential avenues of forensic investigation that may not have been previously considered. Additionally, FORENSICS 360 works closely with specialists in other forensic disciplines and can readily network with these other experts and bring any necessary specialized assets to a case.


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