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This intensive 16-hour course is designed to provide comprehensive training in crime scene documentation, with a primary focus on sketching and diagramming techniques. Participants will develop fundamental skills in accurately representing crime scenes through sketches and diagrams, understanding their importance in forensic investigations, and applying these skills to real-world scenarios. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of crime scene documentation through lectures, hands-on activities, and practical applications, enabling participants to confidently and accurately sketch and diagram crime scenes for forensic investigations.

This course is designed for forensic students, new Crime Scene Investigators or new Detectives. This course will instruct on proper crime scene documentation with the use of sketches, measurements, and factual diagramming. Students will also learn the proper documentation of large outdoor scenes with the use of Triangulation, Baseline Measurements, Polar Coordinates and Perspective Grid. 


Venue Information:


The Regional Training Center @ Fountain Valley
17595 Mt Herrmann St., Fountain Valley CA 92708


The Regional Training Center operates out of a secured facility. Please bring a photo ID with you to your first day of class, as you will be required to undergo a simple background check to comply with I.T.A.R. regulations.



Crime Scene Documentation -Sketching & Diagraming

  • This is a 16-hour course, covering all basic training in crime scene documentation, crime scene sketching, and diagramming.

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