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  • Case Review

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction

  • Crime Scene 3D Scanning

  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

  • Expert Testimony

  • Forensic Analysis of Evidence

  • Digital Evidence Recovery

  • DNA Collection

  • Forensic Photography

  • Latent Print Processing 

  • Latent Print Examination

  • Shooting Incident Reconstruction

  • Forensic Evidence Analysis and Processing Training

  • Crime Scene Investigation Training

  • Forensic Firearm Analysis and Processing Training

Forensic Services

Case Review

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Cases are reviewed through discovery documentation, police reports, laboratory reports, and interviews with investigators. Case consultation can be an invaluable service in identifying potential avenues of a forensic investigation which may not have been previously considered. Additionally, FORENSICS 360 works closely with specialists in other forensic disciplines and can readily network with other experts and bring any necessary specialized assets to a case.


Forensic Analysis of Evidence

FORENSICS 360 will collect, document, and process all types of physical, latent, and trace evidence while maintaining strict custodial records. Once collected specimens will be packaged appropriately to preserve its evidentiary value. Specimens requiring specialized analysis such as; DNA extraction, firearm, and tool mark examination, gunshot residue, and/or hair/fiber analysis will be properly maintained before being transported to the appropriate laboratory for testing. FORENSICS 360 maintains close ties to several DNA and serology laboratories, gunshot residue, firearms, and tool mark experts as well as experts in numerous other specialties. 


Expert Testimony

FORENSICS 360 will provide expert testimony in local, state, and federal jurisdictions in all areas in which it provides services. FORENSICS 360 will provide expert testimony and services in both criminal and civil cases for defense and prosecutorial efforts equally.

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

FORENSICS 360 and its associates will evaluate, analyze and reconstruct shooting incidents utilizing the crime scene investigation reports, photographs, and other crime scene documentation.

FORENSICS 360 will thoroughly reconstruct the shooting scene and prepare documentation of such analysis with reports, factual diagrams, and photographs.


Forensic Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation Training

All training is provided through FORENSICS 360 and its associates. We provide a variety of forensic analysis, evidence processing, and crime scene investigation training to forensic practitioners and forensic students. All courses are taught with a "hands-on" approach giving the students the maximum exposure and experience in crime scene processing techniques.

FORENSIC 360 will also provide training at your local agency. For more information on hosting a training course please email us: or call: 877-535-6565.


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